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The Comedy Central Roast is coming and we can’t wait to see J. Biebs get smoked

Justin. Bieber. You know him from such shenanigans like the hit song “Baby” (“baaaaby, baaaaby, baby”…you know the one I’m talking about); maybe you heard about his Calabasas pad getting raided for coke at a party with Johnny Manziel on some crazy shit. Or you know, him PEEING IN A MOP BUCKET at a fast food restaurant as some sort of sick joke (and people have compared this idiot to the Beatles!).

I dunno. The kid can be sort of a douche. He’s THAT twenty-something guy who despite having millions of dollars, still goes out and eggs houses. But Bieber is also the kind of douche who you secretly wanna be friends with cuz he’s always doing something sweet, like going to Brazil with 6 body guards or low-key getting some hookers. And for whatever reason I still cannot deny that…that…I just hate him so much I love him; I love him so much I hate him. His stupid tattoos—when I see him in the CK ad on Houston Street part of my insides cringe, but then I just laugh because he is literally the biggest joke ever. This fucking guy—60 million followers? FOR WHAT!?!?!

Whatever the case may be for Bieber’s “acting out” over the years, he is clearly famous because the guy can sing a damn pop song. But the undeniable fact is: Bieber has been the punchline of many comedians’ jokes for a while now. And in a once a year opportunity we have an interesting panel of funny people to round it all up on Comedy Central’s Bieber Roast premiering in just 10 DAYS. Join in and watch an array of public figures such as the Bitch Herself Martha Stewart, Very Funny Guy and Undateable star Chris D’Elia, the Rap Gizzod Snoop Doggy Dog, my Fav Boi from Hotlanta Mister Ludacris, appointed Roast Master Kevin Hart along with Roast Master General Jeffrey Ross, and more.

In honor of Bieber’s roasting, Comedy Central gave fans a chance to design a concept poster for the show. It’s pretty hilarious what people came up with, like Cleveland designer Keithist’s idea that is perfectly silly showing if Bieber were to, you know, actually get smoked. Which is pretty much what is going to happen come next Monday…


Here’s a clip of the Roast for a little peek of the trainwreck to come. Be sure to watch probably the silliest hour of comedy in a while on Monday, March 30th at 10PM on Comedy Central.

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