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The chillest pizza spot in Alphabet City

I’m all for a good pizza joint (obvi), and when scoping various NYC pizza shops there’s a lot to look for: whether or not the pizza you’re about to eat is for mere convenience, or are you ACTUALLY looking for one of the best slices of your life? Is the place cash only? How fast do you need this pizza slice? How much are you actually willing to spend? And lastly: are you low-key trying to be that pizza place’s local celeb on their photo wall?


At BAKER’S PIZZA, you kind of get it all: ready-made slices awaiting with unique combos you’ve probably never heard of (like the EGGPLANT PESTO with roasted red pepper marinara, main photo) conveniently located on Avenue A (next to another Loop favorite: Mikey Likes It Ice Cream!) in East Village.

My first time stopping in I was dealing with somewhat of a breakup situation, comforting myself with the nearest pizza spot within my radius. I put two and two together when I realized Devour Power had promoted Baker’s before on the ‘gram, having my own personal IG foodie moment while munching down on Baker’s signature slice with homemade sausage, herbed ricotta, and caramelized onion:


Stop in Baker’s if you’re looking for that perfect pizza or just want to impress your friends with how good NYC pizza actually is. And who knows, maybe you’ll be special enough to make it on their Pizza Wall of Fame.

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