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Sri Lankan-style street food in the LES at Kottu House

I have never had Sri Lankan food before (that I know of), but after reading about the KOTTU HOUSE as #3 on Eater’s 15 Hottest Cheap Eats Restaurants list I decided to give it a try with their intriguingly good-sounding menu and excitement of never having before experienced the island nation’s cuisine. Also, the excursion made for a perfect “LOOP MONDAYS” adventure (although, technically every day is a Loop day, all things considered).

So first things first before we dive into the gloriousness that is all of the photos from Kottu House: Sri Lankan food vocabulary that you must know:

Godamba Roti: Sri Lankan flat bread made with wheat flour
Kottu: A style of cooking usually with godamba roti where everything is chopped together. Also spelled Kothu Curry Sauces: A variation of spices and curry leaves roasted and grinded together
Lentils: It’s an edible grain, a lot like a green pea. Rich in protein
Sambol: Traditional condiments typically made with fresh vegetables or fruits
Minchi: Sri Lankan cooking term for mint
Pol: Sri Lankan term for coconut
Lunu: Sri Lankan term for onion
Paan: Sri Lankan term for bread
Sri Lanka: Get an atlas!

Hibiscus Mint Tea lightly sweetened with dried hibiscus flower and fresh mint leaves to start:


Spicy Calamari fried then mixed with smoked paprika and Sri Lankan chili powder:


Lentil Patties with garlic, onion, and chilies fried into a patty served with veggies in a breaded roll:


An up close and personal shot of the crispy prawn from the Kottu:


Pt. II Prawn Kottu:

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