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So much for the revolution: Mad Men “Time Zones” review

“Reaching with magnificent precision for the moon, but falling into raucous discord on earth.”

There has been one show capable of giving me repetitive chills from one episode and that show is Mad Men. Meaning: when this final season ends I’m going to have a really hard time ever finding an equivalent to Matthew Weiner’s definite monster of a production. Cuz there is just not gonna be that same feeling of being SO mad at Don every other second, or the personal empathy felt with Miss Sally growing up in this sad, dark world who I can already tell is about to get wild these final episodes, and I mean come on: the GROOVIEST LADIES ON TELEVISION (Joan, Betty, Megan, PEGGY).

The Most Badass Episode Entrance of the Year award goes to Don Draper with his unforgettable walk up which had me wondering in that moment if I had totally forgiven him for his ways (he just seemed so…so cool). But here he is, landing in the City of Angels to spend a weekend with his bi-coastal wife whom he hasn’t exactly been the best husband to (in fact, probably the worst).

Of course Megan is already SO Hollywood with her new convertible and Beverly Hills overlook. Oh, and her new agent who got her a lead role in an NBC show. So, looking good for Megan. Not so much for Don. While you want to think he’s finally changed his ways after denying his new acquaintance on the plane (just like that! Neve Campbell on television again), there is still a subtle dark mystery to Don that is unsatisfied with this life that is apparent in the very last scene of him on his Manhattan balcony in the freezing January cold (IN SHORTS!) and while him and Megan lie barely awake watching television (living the dream?).

And maybe it’s just the weather in California that’s got everyone all giddy (and Pete dressing like a really odd-looking J. Crew model), but for a company who hasn’t had an actual client in a while, Don sure is good at pretending like he’s working. Meanwhile back in a nearly empty NYC office, Peggy is trying to work her copywriting genius to convey to the new boss man her skills, but he just won’t let her have it—frustrating for Peggy since really she should be the one making these decisions.

“Time Zones” may have seemed like a bit of a lull compared to season 6’s drama, but Weiner has also suggested that this season Mad Men‘s main characters will be held responsible for their actions, in what I’m guessing will be in a deeply classic Mad Men way: morbidly dark with a slight glimmer of hope (just how I like it!). And remember: it’s the dead of winter in 1969. That whole revolution thing going on last season? Well America elected Nixon. Will the characters’ demises parallel that of Nixon’s: all right on the surface when deep down inside everything is terribly wrong? Will Peggy eventually make it to the top? Is Don actually going sober? And WHERE WAS BETTY?

The full episode of “Time Zones” is available to stream on AMC’s website, and episode 2 of the 7 episode half of season 7 will air this Sunday at 10PM.

(photo via NY Daily News)

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