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Selamat Pagi in Greenpoint is hip but worth the wait

In the case of being hip while you eat, Selamat Pagi in Greenpoint has to be the top destination for Indonesian food in Brooklyn on a Friday night, with wait times often exceeding 1-2 hours as the norm. And while one might be cautious of overly-hyped restaurants that don’t always necessarily translate to really good food, I can say the contrary about this place; all of the dishes we had were exceptionally delicious and did not lack any flavor at all whatsoever. We got there kind of late, so not all of the dishes on the men were available, but we made due with what options we did have with food items such as Pumpkin Curry, Fried Spring Rolls, Deviled Eggs, and Pickled Beets.

The ambiance really makes the vibe stand out from other restaurants; the soft pink glow will have you already in rose colored glasses mode (which with 2 cocktails, feels quite nice actually)—which leads me to believe that 99% of restaurants with well-thought out decor ultimately mean there’s going to be some pretty badass food (but don’t quote me on that!).

If you’re looking to try something new and do not mind getting a drink close by while you wait, Selamat Pagi is an awesome date night option with bar seating (great if you plan to dine solo!).

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