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A Rosemary’s Baby…miniseries?

“Awful things happen in every apartment house”

At first it seemed weird, Rosemary’s Baby: a miniseries? It just didn’t feel right. Because lately it feels like Hollywood is desperately running out of really good ideas that they’ve just come to a point where nothing is 100% original anymore, therefore making it less appealing then say, coming up with an actual original series.

Then I thought about it more and more, remembering the dark plot that is Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror based on the classic novel, and actually see it as being potentially brilliant.

NBC’s President of Entertainment Jennifer Salke said, “[t]he story has been updated and moved to Paris, but it’s faithful to the spirit of Ira Levin’s classic novel. This is a compelling tale wonderfully told.” James Wong (American Horror Story) and Scott Abbott will write the screenplay.

So who will ever be able to takeover Mia Farrow’s role playing the paranoid and doting Miss Rosemary? Can anyone ever reenact the “it’s all in the eyes” scene?


(via USA Today; photo via Pocket-Witch)


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