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RIP Space Spiral: Cedar Point demolishes iconic ride in 17 seconds

Ahh Cedar Point. America’s Roller Coast. I have many fond memories of this place having gone since I was about 5 years-old, and I’m always interested in seeing how they are altering the park. I was sort of upset to hear they’d be doing away with Diaster Transport back in July (that ride was pretty much the best), but it seems the park has decided to demolish the Space Spiral as well, an iconic part of Cedar Point that’s been around since 1965.

The 330-foot Space Spiral is that “ride in-between rides” kind of ride, meaning: no one really wants to go on it; it’s more of a “hey we’re really tired let’s go sit on this spinny thing that overlooks the whole park” type-thing. So they demolished it. Today. In 17 seconds. And there’s footage! Unfortunately there’s nothing to show for the demolition of Disaster Transport (there has to be something out there somewhere), so if you find anything forward it on over.

A new ride, “GateKeeper,” will be replacing the old Space Needle territory and is expected to be completed by May, just in time for the 2013 season.

(via Cleveland.com; photo via Virtual Tourist)

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