Pasta with a purpose at Aunt Jake’s Little Italy

Growing up my favorite food was always spaghetti and meatballs. When we went out to eat: spaghetti. Family dinner at the new Asian place down the street?: “Do you guys have spaghetti?” It was always the same: spaghetti or bust. Not to say I was a boring kid, I just liked what I liked!

Obviously things have changed significantly over the years having shifted the blog to more cuisine-inspired posts, not to mention visiting a couple different countries and learning about the infinite world of food.

But one thing still remains the same: I still freaking love pasta. Which is why I was immediately drawn to Aunt Jake’s the moment I walked in the door.

Made fresh daily, this newly-opened Little Italy gem hand-rolls some of the greatest pasta I’ve had in my life (main photo: burrata-stuffed ravioli with pesto sauce). And as you know, I take this pasta stuff very seriously, so.

The concept is a create your own pasta type-deal with their eclectic menu options of pastas (some I have never even heard of) and sauces. Aunt Jake’s also has some appetizer options and some heavy-hitting sandwiches.

Beets and Saba salad to start:

Artichokes and Avocado Toast with lemon zest and chives:

Meatball Hero Parmesan with Pecorino cheese:

Beet Pappardelle pasta with Roasted Garlic Pecorino sauce:

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