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Le Botaniste NYC: prescription for rejuvenation with sustainable food

“Let food be the medicine”

As we evolve and adapt to the various food options available to us, dining out at restaurants it becomes more difficult to tell what is really organic; most of the time as consumers we don’t have any idea where the stuff comes from.

Speaking from a personal sensitivity to hormones in a lot of the food out there we eat, I’m always weary of consuming dairy or meat at restaurants (which: as a food blogger, can be one of the most difficult things ever).

But there is hope as certified sustainable and farm-to-table dining spots become more popular, particularly in my latest visit to LE BOTANISTE in the Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City (they even have organic wine!).

I attended a tasting and demo with Le Botaniste’s on-site nutritionist Lisa Hayim (aka @thewellnecessities) who explained just how much our bodies benefit from eating organic, and the colorful and complex veggies can be when getting creative.

Leaving the restaurant my stomach felt happy; it was amazing how even the next day I was reaping the benefits of a wholesome experience of 100% organic and vegan food.

You can mix and match to create your own bowl with ingredients like superseed avocado, young coconut ceviche, red beet caviar, gluten-free Fusilli, steamed greens, free-range tofu, green pea hummus, and coconut curry peanut sauce (YUM!).

They also have pre-made bowls both large and small depending on your appetite:


  • Sushi
  • Super Seed Avocado
  • Green Pea Mint Hummus
  • Red Beet Caviar
  • Seaweed Tartare
  • Young Coconut Ceviche


  • Tibetan Mama Rice Bowl
  • Pasta al Mafiosi
  • Spicy Chili sin Carne
  • Vegetable Tajine
  • Dirty Noodle Soup
  • Botanical Salad

If you are looking to change up the way you eat and watch the way your body feels, Le Botaniste is a great starting point. After just one visit and learning all the different ways veggies can help your soul, I guess you could say I was dreaming of eating here every single day and have made two trips back ever since.

Le Botaniste is in the Upper East Side NYC at 633 Lexington Ave

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