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KIDS 20th anniversary at BAM Cinemafest with live Q&A featuring Harmony Korine and Larry Clark

It’s no secret I was a fan of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers because it was the best worst movie ever, also hilarious on so many levels a non-gen Y spring breaker might not ever be able to understand. But in an era that was pre-pink unicorn beanies and not quite hip to James Franco, Korine’s script touched on some real talk in the 1995 movie KIDS directed by Larry Clark that left most of us with our jaw-dropped to the floor and not really sure what to do after we thought we were being cool for watching such a “taboo” film.

I remember seeing the movie case by the TV at my dad’s house in 8th grade; my older brother and his friends had watched it. I of course had to know what was going on, so I sneakily borrowed the DVD with my two best friends in my room. We were too young to really grasp the concept of anything except that it was a “bad” movie, but I remember being scared of the main character because 1) he was a f*cking dick, and 2) while he was busy “deflowering virgins”, he was also spreading HIV to innocent young women. And the fact of the matter is, like KIDS‘ outtake on this light of NYC or not, the story of just how young of an age kids could get the virus is a real phenomenon that not everyone was ready to be exposed to.

Groundbreaking and heartbreakingly realistic, KIDS has lost none of its impact since the controversial release in the 90s. Now in a rare opportunity to see it again on the big screen on June 25th at BAM Cinemafest this year, Harmony Korine will be joined by director Larry Clark for a post-showing Q&A at the 7pm showing along with Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Rosario Dawson, so you can ask all of those burning questions you’ve had since watching this shocker for the first time.

Here’s the trailer n case you couldn’t remember:

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