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“KEEP OFF OF MY LAWN”: True Detective “The Locked Room” review

“You gotta get together , tell yourself stories that violate every law of the universe, just to get through the god damn day….”

True Detective has up and done it again with another mind-blowingly amazing episode 3 “The Locked Room”. And for the two mystery solvers we are growing to know and secretly love despite their dark sides, things keep getting more and more heated (like that DRIVEWAY scene! Jesus Christ, the driveway scene!). A lot of questions to be asked here because we still don’t even know why they are being interrogated, but I’m assuming it has something to do with an enfolding aggressive (and drunk!) side of Marty (Harrelson), a side that he is completely in denial about when confessing his side of the story—triggered by none other than his nemesis Detective Cohle, whose philosophies on life are almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with. But whatever their own type of weird might be, there’s no denying Rust Cohle is damn good at what he does; we find out he is the reason why the two are about to crack the case having to do with “a vile ministry” (some “OLD TIME RELIGION SH*T”; “a f*ckin’ freak show of murder and debauchery”).


I was in shock by the extremities of Marty in this episode because he’s always so busy preaching about “community” and “togetherness”, and then the next thing you know he’s out getting wasted knocking on his mistress’ door threatening to beat up her boyfriend (and asking if she sucked his dick, probably not the best run game). We then learn of Marty’s loving of the two women in his life (if you call secretly sleeping with a twenty-something every other night “love”)—but even though he does cheat, Marty will do whatever it takes to be seen as a family man (“the world is a veil and the face you wear is not your own”) and does care to his wife Maggie (who insists he’s just being a “sulky teenager”). So you can guess when he comes home one evening and sees Rust sitting at his kitchen table sipping tea casually with her, there’s not going to be just a cool, calm, and collected taking to this; there’s going to be some sh*t talkin’ and this is exactly where Woody Harrelson becomes the perfect person for this role (see clip below).

Of course among all of this craziness and the weird sex offender who got caught wackin’ off outside a school, there’s the beautiful contrast of Louisiana landscape shots that I cannot reiterate enough how gorgeous they make True Detective (the show has an Instagram FYI if you’re into some divine treescapes). Oh, and that scene where they were peeing on the side of the road? PRICELESS. After all, “the cane fields are a stage”…

(photo via dorkshelf)

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