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On the East Coast it’s always lobster season

I’m a Cleveland girl, so I never had the East Coast luxury of lobster roll summers growing up. Although now on my almost 3rd year as a New Yorker, access to these lobstahs is greater than ever (I had my first one last summer on Martha’s Vineyard). There’s something so eloquent about the simplicity of this sandwich; the way the lobster claw blends in perfectly with the melted butter and mayo—it makes you just wanna be like, “ahhh shit, I’m movin’ to Bahston!”

I’ve been on a bit of a lobster marathon as of late (it’s peak season!), the other day indulging at Ed’s Lobster Bar in SoHo, and most recently at Red Hook Lobster Pound‘s pop-up at this month’s MadSqEats. And according to my sources, lobster season is still well underway seeing as it’s only September and MaineĀ lobster can be good up until December. So: pretty much you’re able to enjoy this delicious treat throughout the whole year.

No worries here.

(photo taken at Red Hook Lobster Pound pop-up at MadSqEats)

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