It’s fo sho: you need UPLO

I came across UPLO via e-mail one day saying that its recent pairing with sharing on Pinterest has struck quite the chain reaction from photo nerds worldwide. And trust me when I say it’s hard to help yourself from not wanting to share EVERY single photo on the app that’s capable of potentially selling your works to millions of people worldwide, maybe even to someone who will pay and promote your current portfolio to even possibly make some cash in enough time for the holidays if you play your cards right.

I love it too because UPLO forces you almost to keep working on your art (as you know things are always changing). It also refreshes its main features homepage with pictures by people who don’t necessarily have thousands of likes, but have recently posted—- as opposed to how Instagram so often features the typical pics of like, you know somebody’s selfie, or Tony Hawk’s latest trip to Brazil. Not saying that my heart will ever stop loving Insta; it won’t ever. But UPLO may have just taken the cake as far as photo networking goes (there’s of course category hashtags to share).

So download this app and start sharing if you’ve ever dreamed about getting some extra dough for those captures, because you just never know…

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Kaitlin Duffy is a writer from Cleveland. When she's not blogging or pondering the great complexities of the world and outer space, she is finding rare vinyl steals, visiting new places, laughing often, Instagramming everything in sight, watching movies, or working on her first feature Port de Cleve.