Is there anything funnier than Halley Feiffer in Michael Urie’s He’s Way More Famous Than You?

If you know anything about being an actress, it’s that of course it’s all kinds glamorous. But also if you know anything about being an actress, it’s that it’s only glamorous when you’re actually getting paid. Like you know, have some actual semi-decent gigs going.

And when there isn’t any work, the vanity can fade; the once glimmering life that seemed all sorts of fabulous fun can turn into a dark pit of champagne blackouts and regrettable drunk dials to very, very important famous people.

That’s kind of what happens in Michael Urie’s new hilarious movie He’s Way More Famous Than You, when a desperate actress Halley (Halley Feiffer) who appeared briefly in the indie favorite The Squid and the Whale gets her little tiny moment of fame (like, she totally poses at an important party with Jesse Eisenberg.) Flash forward 6 years later, and she’s on the verge of tears looking up IMDb ratings to see who’s still on top of the game, taking selfies while having pretty terrible sex with her boyfriend (Michael Chernus)—more importantly: plotting schemes to somehow steal the Hollywood spotlight.

So OBVI she’s on a quest to produce and star in her new movie, that’s really just a stolen script from her ex. Except for there’s no plot. But she will do anything she can and contact every single connection she has to ensure her first feature is one to remember.

When trying to find her male lead (very drunk, mind you), she uses her brother’s (Ryan Spahn) boyfriend (Michael Urie) who was once on Ugly Betty to somehow get a hold of the Karate Kid (like, THE Karate Kid Ralph Maccio), meaning that, OF COURSE this movie’s going to be a big hit, because RALPH MACCIO is going to be the star!

It’s not pretty. But you can’t help but love Halley Feiffer’s role; she will have you cracking up every other second with her drunken shenanigans that are like, TOTES OBVS THE MOST AWESOME EVER!

He’s Way More Famous Than You is a ridiculous story about vanity and just what some people will do to be an A-lister. The very animated cast features anyone from Ben Stiller (who gets kidnapped) to Vanessa Williams, making for even more reasons why to love Michael Urie’s debut movie (as if Halley Feiffer isn’t reason enough!).

(photo via Twitch)

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