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In honor of the Hitchcock release you can now stream his 1924 short The White Shadow

“It may be said that there are no such things as white shadows, but just as the sun casts a dark shadow, so does the soul cast its shadow of white, reflecting a purity that influences the lives of those upon whom the white shadows fall.”Selznick 

Everywhere in movie news it’s been all, “Hitchcock, Hitchcock, Hitchcock,” as the premiere of the biopic starring Anthony Hopkins comes closer to date. And to tide us over in the meantime, The National Film Preservation Fund has made a film Hitchcock co-directed in 1924, The White Shadow, available online to stream.

Sweet! Technically this is Hitchcock’s first feature based on a novel “Children of Chance” written by Michael Morton, though he worked alongside Graham Cutts performing various production duties such as editing, set design, and directing. But both of them are the accredited directors.

I am very fond of Hitchcock’s works, and after what I’ve read about his peculiar romance with his wife Alma Reville, it looks like the other upcoming biopic (the first being HBO’s The Girl) will be one to remember. Not to mention, Anthony Hopkins, who morphed into Hitchcock physique rather outstandingly.

So until Hitchcock showtime, enjoy the first 45 or so minutes of his first masterpieces, The White Shadow, about two sisters: one good, and one evil…

(via Flavorwire; photo via Zap 2 it)

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