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Greek Rose 101 at New York’s intimate Greek hotspot The Athenian

Summer in NYC is always a little on the quieter side, but for those of us who stick around there’s a peculiar enjoyment of the emptier streets; there’s almost a kind of relief in it all. But that doesn’t stop restaurants such as THE ATHENIAN to stay full with their much sought-after Greek fare that I had the pleasure of experiencing as part of a Rose tasting, courtesy of a newly-launched Leisurely app that connects New Yorkers to their favorite restaurants and chefs.

Now, I am particular with my wine, but I will not shy away from rose—especially in the summertime when it just seems more appealing (but I think we have all those brilliant ad agencies to blame for that!). There’s just something refreshing about rose and summer that goes hand-in-hand, which makes for the perfect evening of a carefully thought-out pairing on a warm and breezy night.

AEGEAN ISLANDS BRUSCHETTA with Ktima Voyatzi Rose, 2018:

ATHENIAN WATERMELON SALAD with Papagiannakos Rose, 2018:

OCTOPUS A LA PLANCHA with Alpha Estate Rose, 2018:

HERB ROASTED COD FISH with Biblia Chora, 2018:

GRILLED LAMB CHOP with Anatolikos Vineyards Rose, 2017:

All of the dishes had their own unique contrast / parallel to the various Greek rose; only with the extensive knowledge of wine experts Jason Corey and partner Kamal Kouiri would these duos even be possible—which is one of my favorite things about living in NYC: there’s always an expert for everything, making one appreciate the small details that make for a perfect pairing.

The Athenian is located in East Village on 10th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue.


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