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From the creators of SOMM: The Art of Butchery

“Sometimes if you want to see a film, you have to make it yourself”

One thing I love about cinema is watching a particular movie maker’s style progress over time and then never failing to be being completely fascinated by the tedious efforts put in to create the finished product.

So when I heard the creators of one of my favorite documentaries SOMM (about wine and becoming a master sommelier) were already moving on to their next movie venture I was intrigued, because SOMM had a huge effect on how I incorporate wine into my life (let’s just say I pay a lot closer attention on the wine aisle!). This time? MEAT! Yes meat-obsessives, rejoice; your film is on the way about “the lost art of the butcher.”

It seems The Art of Butchery can do no wrong in the eyes of meat lovers, butchers, and cooks alike (and who knows, might even persuade those veggies out there to dabble into some meat lovin’). And I don’t know a whole lot about this one besides that it will be nothing less than a high quality work most likely leaving the viewer drooling for a steak, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see all The Art of Butchery entails.

To satisfy any curiosity or cravings you might have I will direct you to The Art of Butchery‘s Twitter and Facebook page to follow along during the primitive stages.


(via The Art of Butchery)

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