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FINALLY the world can start Looking

When I first heard about Looking a couple months ago I was pumped there was going to be like, you know, a REAL show about this magical aura of a world found exclusively in San Francisco where gay men young and old retreat to in hopes of finding true love (or you know, just a really good time). And oh my god does the show pull it off so well!

Looking starts with our main character Patrick (Jonathan Groff), a video game designer “cruising” in the park, aka walking around the woods trying to have a quick, uhhh, you know, “moment”. But when things get awkward after an ill-timed phone call, the seemingly sexy hookup deems pointless and Patrick’s back drinking wine sand smoking joints recalling how things got to that point after a breakup with his long-time ex. Thankfully there’s good friends and weed, right?

Patrick’s two best friends who of course have had their own issues looking laugh along with Patrick as he comes to grips with himself and the breakup, and we get an immediate feel for these guys’ friendship that goes beyond just cruising in the park and random hookups somewhere in the city. Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) is on the verge of moving in with his boyfriend Frank in Oakland, and is accepting that he will no longer be in the clusterf*ck of the city though is excited to be apart from distractions in moving onward with his love while simultaneously evolving creatively (oh yeah, and working realllly long hours at an art gallery).

The older of the group Dom (Murray Bartlett), who works as a server at some fancy schmancy restaurant, is stuck on a big-shot ex in LA (pshhh: real estate!) and cannot seem to find his fit, ending up sleeping with some not so ideal candidates that end up in a definite missed connect. His loyal roommate Doris (Lauren Weedman) thankfully is there to set him straight poking fun of him a bit, offering a bit of comic relief to his personal struggle with love in the city.

The realness of this show is to be appreciated and its authenticity to the city makes me feel like I’m a part of the vibrant life that IS San Francisco. All of the characters are equally relatable and enjoyable (AND I MEAN COME ON: totally f*cking hot!), making me in it for the long haul.

Looking will air a six episode season Sundays at 10:30 PM on HBO. Watch what happens in the first episode here and tune in this Sunday for episode 2 “Looking for Uncut”.


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