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Dumplings and beyond: the Flushing, Queens experience

When it comes to traveling for food, I’m willing to go the distance. Which means getting up early on a Sunday and taking the 7 train to Flushing, Queens. It does not take much convincing, really. Once you know about the many food options within a .5 mile radius along the famous Main Street, the train will actually seem like it’s going 10x faster.

In Flushing there is everything from world class ramen, bao buns galore, fresh lobster rolls, dim sum, fluffy pancakes, Taiwanese bubble tea, fried chicken—I mean seriously, I understand why people choose to live here; it is its own food mecca within NYC. When first visiting Flushing, one might be overwhelmed by all the action: busy streets filled with vendors and people shopping will make you feel like you’ve transported to another part of the world.

So to start setting your 2020 food adventure goals a little bit early, I am here to give you my list of Flushing’s absolute necessities for your next visit:

Eggcellent Souffle Pancake

Have you ever wanted a mix of the perfect pancake *and* your favorite pillow? That’s what a pancake from Eggcellent feels like. It’s as if you were waiting around your whole entire life JUST for this moment of fluff.

Lobster Roll Factory

I loveeee lobster! It’s pretty much the only food that keeps me going in life. And if I had to choose living any other place than the east coast where lobster is pretty much always accessible—well, let’s be real: I would never! At Lobster Roll Factory, only find Maine’s freshest lobster straight off the boat.

Legend Chicken

If there was one thing that could ever be legendary, it is definitely Legends Fried Chicken. Famous for their ultimate crispy-tenderness and perfect spice, you will quickly understand why people travel from all over to get their hands on this huge piece.


There’s something elegant and fancy about dining at Kyuramen. Tucked away in a quiet block off of the Main Street, this is quality ramen you can taste in the first bite.

Yitang Taiwan Fruit

Who knew that bubble tea could be so popular? Yitang is internationally known; the original location in Taiwan has gained momentum in the states with their Flushing location. Expect a long wait for your tea, as this is a top Flushing destination.

Tiger Sugar

OK, you know those fun interactive food and drinks? TIGER SUGAR is a the *ORIGINAL* brown sugar bubble tea with fresh cream—which creates the stripes to live up to its name.


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Xiang Hotpot

I have written and raved about Xiang Hotpot before, so you already know I am an avid supporter of anything hotpot. If you’re looking for a complete oasis with entertainment (let’s just say there is a dancing bear!), definitely make your reservation in advance because this place gets PACKED!


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