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Doll & Em: just what *is* it like to work for your bestie, let alone in Hollywood?

Doll & Em first appeared on British television starring real life best friends Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer. The show centers around the two: one in Hollywood living the supposed movie star dream (Em), the other just ending a rough relationship that ended pretty badly (Doll). So what better idea than a sulky Doll flying out from London to Los Angeles to be Em’s assistant to heal all?

Somewhere in the Hollywood Hills Em’s house is nothing but dreamy with the staple Los Angeles backyard pool (of COURSE), and as each new day comes, Doll begins to realize what she has gotten herself into: attempting to put her driver skills to the test in SoCal traffic, accidentally getting locked out of the house in a bikini for an entire day while her BFF gets pampered, and getting totally jealous during a heated hot tub incident. You know, the usual.  So in what seems like a simple concept of taking in your newly broken best friend in and paying her to drive you to work, turns into a series of complicated instances that pose common best friend situations—you know, women stuff.

HBO picked up the series and aired the first two episodes last Wednesday, and I must say I always enjoy an LA-based comedy that pokes fun of the life of fame, not to mention the network has successfully produced shows of this kind in the past (except: *STILL* salty there will be no Hello Ladies season II pickup). Oh, and Susan Sarandon makes a brief appearance and it’s all sorts of wonderful as we enter the exaggerated world of stardom.

Episode 3&4 air tonight in part II of the mini-series at 10:30 PM Wednesday on HBO and in case you missed the first two, Doll & Em is on HBOGO.

(photo via HBO)

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