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“Dancing with People’s Food from a Dog’s Point of View”: the sounds of Cereal Banter this Friday @ Mahalls 20 Lanes

The thing I love most about Cleveland is you could be out anywhere and within ten feet are amazing musicians that have been creating some of the most futuristically, mind-blowingly complex (and fucking awesome!) music out there. Lucky enough for me I happened to be one of those statistics, and met the fabulous folk Joseph Joseph and Molly Pamela of Cereal Banter.

After listening to the Lemon Grove Live set along with the rest of their music I immediately felt a varietal mix of No Age and Panda Bear-like sounds that are constantly transforming in and out of this Lightning Bolt-like noise (which makes me wish I could explode out of my chair and somehow escape to outer space.) But then things will suddenly slow down into these beautifully orchestrated acoustic plucks interrupted by a perfectly placed synth or some sort of voice, taking you to some distant place or past created by your own mind.

Songs with titles like, “Edible Confetti,” “Double Darjeeling,” “The Feeling You Get After A Merry-go-Round—and my personal favorite, “Dancing With People’s Food from a Dog’s Point of View” (!!!)—pretty much sum the band’s experimental sound in a nutshell.

I can’t really pinpoint where it is exactly that Cereal Banter fits in the musical spectrum, because they have yet to fail in producing songs like I’ve never heard, but just know that: most likely after listening to a few of their jams in a row you’ll be all bouncin’ around and what not.

So if you’re trying to get lost in the seemingly endless sounds of Cereal Banter, or are just plain trying to get weird, the duo plays a show tomorrow at Mahall’s 20 Lanes in Lakewood along with Skoolgirl, and then they’re doin’ it all over again at Now That’s Class on February 3rd.

(main graphic via Cereal Banter with creative design by Keithist at Scholar Concepts)

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