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Cupid Deluxe: the second Blood Orange album from Dev Hynes is your new dance party go-to

“Waiting for the fire ache in my heart to subside… it never happened”

You know when you’re just hanging out with a friend and unexpectedly you hear a beat that steals your heart a little bit? I mean like, you know right away that there is going to be a future love affair with whomever it is that might be playing. That’s exactly what happened with Blood Orange‘s new album Cupid Deluxe: it was love at first sound when “You’re Not Good Enough”‘s dance-y intro started. I was hooked.

And here I am, about six times through the album’s entirety later, still jamming out to probably the catchiest new album next to Gaga and Miley’s recent endeavors that also threw me for a loop. But Cupid Deluxe is different. Its dance-like tracks are offset with these slowed down almost 80s-sounding songs like “Uncle Ace”, but then suddenly there will be this amazing sax that comes out of nowhere and ahhh! Pure bliss with this one, you guys.

My favorite tracks are “Chosen” (the pure saxaphone bliss I was talking about), “On The Line” (the best dance beat overall), and “Clipped On” (for its hip-hop almost DJ Shadow-type vibe).

Blood Orange (formally Lightspeed Champion) is actually more of a solo project than anything. Its main man Dev Hynes collaborates with many recognizable names like Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek and Skepta.

Cupid Deluxe is enjoyable through and through, also is most likely to overtake any future music listening time with its varietal hip-hop / pop / disco mix that’ll pull you right in.

Recomiendo mucho! On Hypertrak (streaming for free), Amazon, and iTunes for your pleasure.

Track list:

1. “Chamakay” – $
2. “You’re Not Good Enough” – $
3. “Uncle Ace” – $
4. “No Right Thing”
5. “It Is What It Is” – $
6. “Chosen” – $
7. “Clipped On”
8. “Always Let You Down” – $
9. “On The Line” – $
10. “High Street”
11. “Time Will Tell”

(photo via Spin)

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