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Blake Griffin is 24 today and here are 10 images proving he’s the King of Swag

It wasn’t until this year’s All Star Game that I realized I needed Blake Griffin to be my stylist—I mean, he was lookin’ pretty damn fly rocking out some suave-looking apparel coordinating quite perfectly with his undeniable swaggy demeanor. And to think he’s only 24!

The Oklahoma City-born Los Angeles Clippers baller was born today and in honor of his superior styleage I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Griffin fashions showing his innate bo$$-like status.

Griffin and the Clippers have a 45-21 record, and it’s looking very possible that they could succeed in the playoffs. So the question remains: will the King of Swag and his crew bring it all the way home this year for the city of Los Angeles?

1. The Moment I Realized I Needed Blake Griffin to be My Stylist:

Blake Griffin Exposay MAg

(via Exposay)

2. Jordan hat. Chain. ‘Nuff Said:


(photo via The Shoe Game)

3.  Even With a Subway Shirt He’s Still Got it:

Blake Griffin swag

(photo via Tumblr)

4. “#EarnYourStripes: A Tiger Hoodie Only Makes Sense When You’re the King of Swag:


(via More Than Stats)

5. Even With a Weird Band Aid He’s Still All Like, “What’s Up?”:

Blake Griffin Swag

(photo via Tumblr)

6. (Personal Fav) Griffin with CP3 in a Stylin’ Xmas Sweater:


(photo via Terez Owens)

7. Not Even Going to Ask Questions About the Dora the Explorer Book Bag Because Light Blue Suit = Swag:


(photo via SoonerFans)

8. This Might Be Photoshopped But Who Cares ‘Cause it’s Blake Griffin’s Bod:


(via LA Times)

9. POLAROID: Even the Man Himself Gives Himself Two Thumbs Up


(photo via FrontBurner)

10. Flyest Ginger in the Game?


(photo via Terez Owens)

Main Photo via Deadspin

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