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Art in the Parks: doing NYC Socrates Sculpture style

I always make a point to check out the current Art in the Parks series on display because they are all always equally as amazing as the next. This time, two lovely installations at Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria: 1) “Scarecrow” by Zilvinas Kempinas, a 200-foot long (the largest Socrates has displayed in its 28 years!) curve of parallel poles conjoined by silver Mylar ribbon overhead, and 2) the abstract and very colorful “Queen of Mother of Reality” by Pawel Althamer (also very big!). Dedicated to “Queen Mother” Dr. Delois Blakely, a US Ambassador of Good Health to Africa and also Harlem’s Community Mayor, the mixed media piece takes up most of the shady area of the park.

Both works will be on display until August 3rd.

“Scarecrow” by Zilvinas Kempinas



“Queen Mother of Reality” by Pawel Althamer



Oh, and the Upper East Side view ain’t too bad, either.




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