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A Year in Champagne: how the world’s most famous wine is made

“Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.” —Tom Waits

If you have been following Loop at all over the past couple of years you would know I adore the documentary SOMM, and anything having to do with wine now I’m all like, “OMG!!”. But now in a more specific-type wine movie, a new documentary is coming. And it’s about my absolute favorite drink in the world: BUBBLY! You might know it from a blurry New Year’s Eve bash at an old friend’s house, or maybe you and champagne have a deeper relationship: you guys get along reaaalll good, as you sip out of your flute almost religiously.

Champagne lover or not, there is no denying the wine drink has emerged as one of the top favorites of them all. I will admit that I too have been caught in an ongoing affair sipping bub for the past three (four???) years or so. I used to be a Merlot drinker primarily, so it is always a bit weird looking back on my transition trying to pinpoint the exact moment I decided to switch over. When did I go from enjoying the rich red Bordeaux tastes all the way to the light crisp aura of the crispest most bubbly? I really do not know, but it happened.

Champagne, as you might know, is a totally different experience than most wines in that of course it is bubbled up for the utmost freshness, but there is SO much more to be discussed in the exact art of making this celebratory beverage known by most for its party-like association.

As you will learn in the trailer, things weren’t always so sunny for the glamorous sparkling wine; the region in which it is originated (Champagne, France, for all you wine newbs) is scarred by war, and the memories of the cloudier days will always remain. But with help of, you guessed it, some more champagne, it is likely the region found its coping mechanism.

Watch the trailer and catch A Year in Champagne next Friday, March 6th in theaters and on iTunes.

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