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350+ brews to choose at Lion’s Beerstore

Let’s face it: beer is one of the greatest drinks to ever bless this Earth, and if it weren’t for the fermented liquid we’d all probably be a little less joyous in life. And whether you choose to drink it or not, you cannot deny beer’s uniqueness in flavors from all around the world.

Within the space of Lionsbeerstore there are over 350+ selections of anything from the original Damm Cervesa (the best beer in all of Spain!) created by Chef Ferran Adria all the way to local Brooklyn favorites on draft such as the Greenpoint Origami Dream (main photo) that’s a crisp tangerine-like citrusy flavor pairing perfectly with their mussels (YUM!).

The spot, which has been open for about 3 months now, is an unpretentious yet classy experience that’s décor is comforting, going perfectly with their boastful beer list and delicious menu to match—quickly becoming East Village’s go-to gastropub for warm weather hangs to munch on Lionsbeerstore specials such as this goat cheese and roasted beet dish that had me drooling the entire time:

Stop by if you’re strolling along 2nd Ave.; you can’t miss it with their colorful graffiti highlighting the brick walls, with windows peeping in on a glimpse of that endless beer selection on-point for any craft beer lover or snob in NYC.

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